[Requests (Semi) Closed]

Custom Aesthetics are currently on hiatus. Read more here:


I'm currently making completely customised personal aesthetics for people that message me. I'll be writing one dedicated article every Friday with five people's aesthetics for however long I get requests. Each aesthetic will include ten images based on the information you give me.

Don't be afraid to message me. If all the slots are filled for the upcoming article, I'm happy to put you down for the next one. Requests are always open.

How to request an aesthetic:

  • Heart this article
  • Message me on here or instagram (@kinglykore)
  • MUST include your first name, favourite colour, sun sign, 2-3 hobbies/interests, & your year of birth/Chinese zodiac sign

You can include as much additional information as you want. The more you include the better and more accurate the aesthetic will be.

Optional information:

  • Hogwarts house (hybrid houses too)
  • Illvermorny house
  • Camp Half-blood cabin
  • Moon & Ascendant signs
  • The rest of your personal planets (Mercury, Venus, & Mars)
  • Your second favourite colour
  • Myers-Briggs type
  • Enneagram type
  • Moral alignment
  • Favourite shows/movies/books
  • Any additional hobbies/interests
  • Bucket list travel destinations
  • Anything else you can think of

All Instalments (one-twenty):

And you can find me here:

IG: @kinglykore