okay so lately I've been comparing myself to other people writing articles ( obiv. I'm doing that. Its like human nature now) and I noticed that the most popular ones that just keep coming up on my feed and heres what im going to say first about them:
1. playlists - amazing tbh love the people that write those cus hello new music to dance to in my room, cry to in the kitchen at 3am or 1am as I make myself a sandwich or just grab myself some chips! ahoy.
2. poems- im a slut for poems like I wish I could write poems but what I end up writing sounds like what a small town soundcloud rapper would post and in hopes of finally gaining the recognition they desvere even though theyre not good at all and everyone knows it but no one has the balls to tell that person cus they want to be supportive but really its not supportive its just being a fake friend and ugly for not helping that person improve on something they love to do.
3. heartbreaks- DONT FOCUS ON BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP PLEASE DO NOT FOCUS ON RELATIONSHIP haha me telling myself that everyday just kiddingggg ..not everyday. ok ok but seriously don't focus on them at a young age you have so much to focus on right now like ways to get money, family, school, growing up, taxes, bills, YOURSELF. seriously just go out and have fun with your friends or not even that just have fun being with yourself like self love really is best kind of love. you will never leave yourself and neither will money and neither will a education or a job if you aint into school stuff. watch me get into a relationship and then get heartbroken within a weekkkk haahhahahhahahasjdslfhk

ok now that I got that off my chest now to tell you why you should read my word vomit:
1. its raw- rawer than a 2008 myspace emo trust me, I just write what im thinking which is good amazing for me but sometimes its not cus sometimes I loose my train of thought just goes off the rails but still aye its rawwww XD
2. different- its not going to be like the other articles you see trust me you're gonna wanna read my articles while you eat, fall asleep, shower, ignore your parents/ guardians when they call your name, avoid going out with friends because of no money and social anxiety or just pure laziness, etc. or maybe you're just not gonna read my articles at all and go off to read the better ones which is an amazing choice really :] .
its taken me idk how many days to write this and I legit just idk what I'm talking about anymore but the point is im being myself with this for MYSELF like this actually helps me idk how but it just feels good writing whatever comes to my head and it feels good when people actually read this like that's mind blowing I love attention from online strangers well friends yea I'm gonna treat yall like friends because you're rad asf for reading this
I probably had more to write but you know what I'm just gonna post this and move on with the next topic that comes to mind