its been a year since we ended things, and idk why but I feel like its time to fully let him go. if I continue to hold on to him it'll all be for nothing because I'm forcing myself to be in this person's life when all along he's showing me that he wants NOTHING to do with me, which is completely fine because then I have more of a reason to want to let go. so I think its time...its time to let go and no more looking back and I know it'll be so hard it'll be like a break up on top of that first break up but once I fully let him go, unfollow him off all social media, cut all ties, lose his phone number, and anything else that could possibly make me want to contact him, just remove it all and begin to heal for myself when I've done everything I know I have to do I'll finally stop living for his attention but instead all start living for my own attention, for my happiness for my future for my happiness and yeah maybe he'll probably never understand how much you loved him or he'll probably not even care but we're not letting go for him, we're letting go for ourselves.