inspired by others:


fashion, outfit, and style image black, allblack, and jacket image fashion and girl image aesthetic, babe, and honey image
Satan brand rep: lots of black and red (maybe blue or gray sometimes). Stripes/flannel, graphic/band tees, leather, fishnets, high-waists


Image by Nosga Tosja Temporarily removed aesthetic, boots, and edit image fashion, style, and black image
Various Converse, black boots, and (yes ok) Birkenstock style sandals


Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, jeans, and belt image Temporarily removed
More of a minimalist here, usually just my cross necklace (or some pendant), a ring set, belts, and/or printed/cool socks


Temporarily removed Abba, Amy Winehouse, and cd image purple, sky, and storm image Temporarily removed
Red, black, purple, and (forest) green


Image removed animal, fox, and forest image wolf, animal, and forest image dolphin, animal, and theme image
Horses, foxes, wolves, and dolphins


background, black, and blue image Temporarily removed Image removed Avengers, Marvel, and Hulk image
Disney movies, Grease (and other movie musicals), Harry Potter, and the Avengers (Marvel)

TV Shows

game of thrones, dragon, and daenerys targaryen image Jennifer Morrison, once upon a time, and evil queen image grey's anatomy, cristina yang, and izzie stevens image reign, adelaide kane, and francis image
Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, and Reign


Temporarily removed desserts, food, and pie image color, colorful, and fresh image avocado, food, and food porn image
Buffalo wings, pumpkin pie, fruit (lemons and strawberries), and sushi (originally was going to go w/salmon itself buttt)


drink, lemonade, and yellow image aesthetic, beautiful, and coffee image rum, pineapple juice, and splash of grenadine image Image removed
Lemonade, coffee (iced makes me less nauseous lol), hard ciders, cherry coke


Inspiring Image on We Heart It florence and the machine and florence welch image jon bellion image halsey image
The Beatles, Florence & the Machine, Jon Bellion, Halsey


book, library, and light image Abusive image aesthetic, travel, and wallpaper image Image by Zoe
Reading/writing, medicine, travel/history, animals


party, shot, and drink image yes, no, and light image eyes, drawing, and wink image couple and Twin Peaks image
Daring (lil bit of a partier), indecisive, flirty, compassionate/sensitive


art, painting, and michelangelo image art, van gogh, and painting image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ Temporarily removed
Sistine Chapel mural, Cafe Terrace at Night, Water Lillies, and the Great Wave off Kanagawa


quotes, poetry, and text image quotes, alice, and book image Temporarily removed journey, vacation traveling, and colorgala image