hi, pretty people <3

i saw this here, and like always, i wanted to do it haha, hope you enjoy it

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saying no more, here it is

first song i heard

Image removed aesthetic, legend, and monopoly image
the ones she did in victorious

favourite songs from yours truly

aesthetic, vogue, and yours truly image Temporarily removed
tattoed heart and daydreamin'

favourite songs from my everything

ariana grande, celebrity, and icon image aesthetic, everything, and pink image
only one, hands on me and bang bang

favourite songs from dangerous woman

Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and gorgeous image
touch it, sometimes and moonlight

favourite songs from sweetener

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image ariana grande, aesthetic, and tour image
the light is coming and god is a woman

favourite songs from thank u, next

Temporarily removed ariana grande and thank u next image
nasa, 7 rings and thank u, next

favourite album

Temporarily removed Image removed
thank u, next

favourite music video

aesthetic, archive, and art image god is a woman and ariana grande image
god is a woman

most underrated song

shadow image ariana grande and ari image
touch it

that's all

hope u liked it ❤

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