Hey everyone! I was on WHI yesterday night and I saw this article that sparked my interest - 'If I were an athlete' by @accuratemariana. Here is her article if you guys want to do it as well, but let's get into it!



Lucienne Madrogovich
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Growing up near the city in The Netherlands, Lucienne tried a variety of sports, never liking any of them. During a school trip to Amsterdam's Gymnasium of Competitive Training, she fell in love with the sport. She started taking classes at the age of 7, before landing a spot in the team, then making her way to the Olympic Team.
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Lucienne has brown hair that's usually in a ponytail or bun, pale skin, green eyes and is average height.
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Lucienne is independent, hardworking, wise, can overthink things sometimes, truthful, comedic and trustworthy.
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During her training sessions, she wears shorts, leggings or sweatpants over top of her leotard, but for competitions she wears just a leotard with her hair up nicely.
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That's all for this article! My plan is to post one more article before I leave in September, in which I won't be able to post, unfortunately. Until my next article, bye!

Lucia xx