Hey Guys!

soooo..... i love taking buzzfeed quizzes. (my strange addiction alert)
so because i was rlly busy i decided to do 30 of them for this weeks article!

I know this isn't really an exciting article but i have some more interesting ones coming up in the next 2 weeks.

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btw i was totes inspired to do this by @sydamonroll

let's begin!

1. Spend A Day At Hogwarts And Find Out Which "Harry Potter" Character You Are

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Luna Lovegood - You're really creative and an outsider. You tend to do things slowly, but you get things done.

2. We Know What Your Engagement Ring Will Look Like Based On The Wedding You Plan

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Golden and Sparkly (this quiz got me so wrong lol)

3. Everyone's A Combination Of Two Disney Villains – Which Are You?

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You got: Ursula/Maleficent - You're very sensitive and easily hurt by others. Once someone offends you, you cut them. You can hold a grudge like nobody else, and you can be incredibly petty at times. You're not above a bit of revenge. k, i can deal with that.

4. No Joke, We Can Guess Your Zodiac Sign With These Food Related Questions

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Taurus Reliable and loyal, you are the person your friends and lovers can rely on. You're always there for your nearest and dearest, unless they start telling you what to do or pushing you around, then your bullish temperament will boil to the surface. You love to feel in control, so big group activities are not really your thing. You live for your home comforts so a drink in a country pub or a cozy dinner followed by a walk in the countryside would be your idea of a perfect date. *wHy wAS ThiS CorReCt???*

5. Can We Guess What Breed Of Dog You'd Be Based On Your Favorite Disney Characters?

101 dalmatas image Image removed
Pekingese - Like the Pekingese (aka Lion Dog), you carry an aura of dignity and grace. You're very intelligent, and your presence demands respect from those around you. The independent mind of the Pekingese tend to make them a bit stubborn and aloof to strangers, but very sweet to those they know. (dat's noice)

6. Pick Some VSCO Things And We'll Reveal Which Social Media Platform You Are

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You got: Snapchat You are sweet and down to earth! - tHanKss

7. We'll Magically Sort You Into Your Correct Hogwarts House Based On Your Ice Cream Order

ice cream, yellow, and dessert image ice cream, food, and summer image
Gryffindor - You'll have a bright future ahead, with a good team of red. You are brave, trustworthy, and always up for an adventure. (also not correct)

8. Your Disney Preferences Will Reveal Your Favorite Color

hair, braid, and hairstyle image castle, snow, and winter image
Red - fAke nEWs

9. Can You Spend More Than $1,000 At Sephora?

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You Got: $1,142.50 You did it! Now, if only that was real money you were spending and you actually had all that stuff... ------lol

10. Take This "Rich Kid" Quiz And We'll Guess What Type Of Friend You Were Growing Up

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You got: The quiet friend You weren't the loudest one in your friends circle, but when you spoke everyone listened. You were introspective and always the first one to help your friends. You were, and still are, "deep." - fair enough

11. If You Had 13 Of These 38 Things Growing Up Then You Were Definitely Rich

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You checked 2 out of 38 on this list! You were probably not the rich friend. But I'm sure you went over to your rich friend's house all the time to enjoy these luxuries ------very true

12. This Chocolate Bar Test Only Has 10 Questions, But I'll Be Impressed If You Get 8/10

chocolate, pink, and food image bar, brown, and chocolate image
You got 5 out of 10 right! Chocolate bar acquaintance You missed a few, but for the most part, you're really good at identifying chocolate bars. -------- this was harder than it seemed seeing i'm Australian not American.....

13. Which YouTuber Would Be Your Favorite Based On The Boba You Order?

aesthetic, brown, and brown aesthetic image beverages, boba, and food image
Liza Koshy: You're all about the adventure and fun! Go watch Liza Koshy's channel, she has some really cool puns in store for you. -----I actually love liza tho

14. Go Shopping At Brandy Melville And We'll Give You A Netflix Show To Binge-Watch

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*"3%"*--------- this was so pointless cuz I don't have Netflix

15. Your Dessert Preferences Will Reveal When You'll Meet Your Soulmate (Or If You Already Know Them)

pink, food, and strawberry image cake, food, and blue image
Today Yeah that's right. So pay attention to whoever you meet today. ------i'm scared...…

16. What Percent VSCO Are You Based On How You Rate These Shows?

Mature image fashion, girl, and style image
You got: 25% VSCO You're not very VSCO, and that's OK. You prefer Chapstick to Carmex and wouldn't be caught dead with a scrunchie in your hair. You do your own thing, which is trendy in it's own way. Keep doing you! -----------honestly i'm an accidental vsco gal. e.g. love scrunchies, Mario Badescu and discosss

17. I Bet You Can't Make It Past Level 50 On This Never-Ending Food Quiz

Image by 🥀🍃 food, pasta, and pizza image
You Reached: LEVEL 60 Congrats! ------------- this actually drove me insane....

18. We Know What Type Of Pillow You Are From How You Brush Your Teeth

grunge, purple, and teeth image sahar luna and filtered image
Colorful pillow Bright, energetic, and creative — you are a colorful pillow. ------ wow I never thought i'd need to know what type of pillow I am.....

19. Make Your Way Through A Salad Bar And We'll Guess How Hungry You Are

food, healthy, and avocado image food, fries, and healthy image
yur not hungry at all, your probs a vegan or art hoe ----k?

20. Eat Some Food And We'll Guess The First Letter Of Your Name

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T, U, or V Talia, Urma, or Veronica. Tim, Umar, or Victor. The list goes on! ----- lol not even close buzzfeed :)

21. Buy 7 Things From The Apple Store And We'll Tell You What Your Strongest Personality Trait Is

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Stylish , You're completely obsessed with fashion, always keeping up with the latest trends both in stores and online! You have a bunch of funky, colorful outfits, and love to be the best dressed at every event you attend. ----- dis noice

22. Are Your Music Opinions Controversial Or Totally Normal?

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you is a controversial peep ---- am i tho?

23. We Know Which Hipster City You Should Live In Based On Your Choice In Ice Cream

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You got: Salt Lake City, Utah There's no shortage of coffee joints, tattoo parlors, and stunning views in this hipster city that's situated at the foot of the Wasatch mountains. With tons of hiking trails and streams nearby, it's the perfect destination for outdoorsy folk! ------ this actually sounds so cool, going straight on my bucket list!

24. We Know Which Season You Are Based On Your Aesthetic Choices

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Winter You have a fuzzy aura and love spending time at home with family and friends! ---- ugh no, i hate winter.

25. Shop At Dolls Kill And We'll Guess Your Favorite '00s Disney Show

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, meme, and funny image
You got: The Suite Life on Deck ----------- never watched it but ok

26. Everyone Has "Mickey Ears" That Match Their Personality — Here's Yours

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You got: Classic Sparkly Minnie Ears You're a timeless classic both in style and personality. People love how you keep things simple, basically... you're just super cool! ------------- I actually don't own any Disney ears, might have to go get some...…

27. Build A Fall Wardrobe And We'll Tell You What Starbucks Drink You Are

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You got: Caramel Apple Spice You have your moments but overall you're a sweetheart who loves to share your sweet side with family and friends. ------------ omg that actually sounds so nice. sadly we don't have starbucks where I live :(

28. Can We Guess Your Favorite Activity Based On Your Aesthetic Taste?

hair, beauty, and yellow image blue, indie, and aesthetic image
Reading You're the deep one in your friend group and enjoy the endless search for truth and knowledge. ---------------- umm 50% 50% I love reading yess but.....idk

29. Design A Bedroom To Find Out If You'll Actually Get Married

Temporarily removed Image by 🌻 𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕖𝕟_𝕄𝕒𝕪 🌻
You're not getting married You're not meant for marriage, and that's totally OK with you! You much prefer dating casually and not settling down for anyone but yourself. ----------- ok, not sure about that one....

30. How Basic Are You?

basic, fashion, and girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
You're basic You probably have a hydro flask, a few scrunchies, and a polaroid camera! -------- as much as I hate to admit it, I'm PrEtTy bASIC

hope you guiis enjoyed that article, on to the shoutout!

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i'll see you guis in my next article buiii