If you want to watch Hwarang but are not sure or want to know a bit more about it before watching, then this is for you.

Things you should know

  • It's based on Seorabeol, the capital of the Kingdom of Silla, about 1500 years ago in the times of King Jinheung, or Kim Sanbaekjong. The storyline is fiction tho.
  • King Jinheung ended up being one of the greatest kings of Silla. He was too young to rule when his predecessor died so his mother acted as regent until he got the proper age.
  • Hwarang, also known as Flowering Knights, were a real elite of beautiful young warrior males in Silla.
  • Wonhwa ("original flowers") are two bands of females. The highest hierarchy inside Hwarang, the leaders of it, kind of. They preceded Hwarang. The leaders of the two bands of Wonhwa, Nammo and Junjeong grew jealous of one another and when Junjeong murdered her rival, the Wonhwa were disbanded.

About the drama

  • The actual English title is Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth but the drama is also known as Hwarang, Hwarang: The Beginning, Flowering Knights, Hwarang: The Beautiful Knights. (I got very confused when I googled it the first time).
  • If you heard about it because of V from BTS, I'm sorry, but he's not one of the protagonists or main characters. His role is massive tho, so don't be disappointed. He doesn't appear in episode 1.
  • IMDb rates it with an 8.2/10 but, apparently, was highly criticized for many reasons. (I do not agree, bye)

My personal opinion

  • Jokes aside, I really think is great. The first episode was a bit challenging but by episode two I was sooooo intooooo ittttt. You have a beautiful set, romances, bromances, funny moments, sad moments, marvellous inspiring quotes, a crazy ending (I was creaming), good characters, action scenes, pretty people, amazing music... just watch it. It's a treat.
  • The OST is fantastic.
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Ok, I'm ready to say goodbye.
I hope this was somewhat helpful and that you enjoyed reading it (thanks for doing so, I really appreciate it).

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