I am certain that at this point we are all well aware of the dark academia aesthetic and its implications. Nevertheless, I have noticed that the aesthetic has become a simple collection of pictures and movie recommendations. I would like to clarify that Social Media is certainly not a magnificent place to look for knowledge, but still, I think that these meaningless posts are completely destroying the classical word with their bare hands. I am a firm advocate of the dark academia aesthetic. Thus, I am delighted to share with the few scholars that shall read this post some basic ancient Greek (and Roman) books you will read if your heart desires so. These books will fill your head with madness and confusion, but let the gods be aware of their impact in our modern society.

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» The Iliad (Homer)

» The Odyssey (Homer)

» The Aeneid (Virgil)

» Poetics (Aristotle)

» Poems and Fragments (Sappho)

» The Art of love (Ovid)

»Republic (Plato)

»The Orestia (Aeschylus)

» Antigone (Sophocles)

»Oedipus the King (Sophocles)

»Electra by Sophocles (Sophocles)

»The Histories (Herodotus)

»Lysistrata (Aristophanes)

» Meno (Plato)

»The Trojan Women (Euripides)

» Jason and the Golden Fleece (Apollonius of Rhodes)

» Medea (Euripides)

» Hippolytus (Euripides)

» The Metamorphoses (Ovid)

» The Satyricon (Petronius)

» The Georgics (Virgil)

» The poems of Catullus

And remember kids, do not try to contact the gods except you have finished reading all of these books.

Intelligis aut oblivisceris

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