aesthetics for every song on black canary ep 1 and 2

fish out of water

Abusive image Image removed grunge, black, and people image mirror, aesthetic, and ocean image
"just sixty seconds and your lungs will collapse"

old world

hands image snow and white image wallpaper, quotes, and night image people image
"four words; things are getting scary / these days are dragging on"

the man with the x-ray eyes

Mature image eyeshadow, galaxy, and makeup image aesthetic, alternative, and art image door, pink, and neon image
"i've seen too much, wipe away my eyes"

get in the car

quotes, sad, and tumblr image couple and kiss image Image by Jenn Roum Temporarily removed
"you're taking it over, she can't bare the weight on her shoulders"

lost art

white, polaroid, and aesthetic image candle, aesthetic, and witch image Temporarily removed aesthetic, aesthetics, and couple image
"heartbeat flutters like a moth inside an empty room / your fingers tremble, it's much too soon"

last days

grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, bright, and dusk image Mature image
"i'm dying to get out, the air here's getting stale"