I never really knew what it was like. I didn't even know what anxiety was until about 2017. I read many stories and i realized how they all related to how i usually had "episodes". No, i did not self diagnose myself with anxiety but i did think that perhaps i had a chance of having it and getting anxiety attacks. I realized that i might have to look into it and see what i can do so i can better myself. I spoke with my mom and told her about everything. Anxiety is defined as overthinking and thinking too deeply. For me, it was overthinking minor things. For example, if a teacher told me i had a test next week, i would start filling my head with negative thoughts. What if i fail? What if i don't remember anything? Maybe i can pass but i don't think i can. I think one very absurd thing about getting an anxiety attack is the uncontrollable crying and the flood of thoughts in your head. I've gotten attacked at for being so 'young' and getting through these or even talking about it. If you think you have anxiety or need any sort of mental health, please do reach out to a loved one. Speak your mind and feel better about yourself. Mental health can make you feel so bad about yourself and could bring down your self confidence. Be happy with yourself and love yourself for who you are.