i was hearing music with rain background so i wrote this lol. i don't want to ruin your imagination but i was thinking in a couple in the rain.

I was in the shower just thinking about you.

"Ok that’s weird " i said to him.

He just ignored me and keep talking.

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Your favorite song sounded in my spotify and you immediately come to mind.

Well, and?

And I start to cry after to trying to singing because, I hate that song and i dont know the lyrics yet

You need to pay spotify if you don’t want to...

and he looked at me for the first time today

Shut up, you know isn't about that.

Temporarily removed

I started to cry because I miss you, and I hate when you put that song in my car but I miss when you do it at the same time.


These days without you I was feeling so lost, I thought I was going to be the same before I meet you but I just can't forget you. do you understand?

dramatic paused

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"Don’t cry." i finally say.

I am not going to cry, you dumb.

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But I see how he is trying to stops his tears and my heart just broke a little.

This is just an spontaneous original bad story, hope you love it ;P

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