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If you are alone at home and outside rain or you have nothing interesting to do. Here are some nice and simple ideas. ♡

Organize your makeup collection

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Do this thing is so relaxing for me. It's not important to have a lot of products, you can simply divise products for eyes from products for lips and face. From Ikea there are a lot of accessories ideal to organize the makeup zone.

Decor your home\room

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Decorating your home and making it tidier and more welcoming is beautiful. Autumn is coming and there is nothing better than waiting for October to decorate it with a Halloween theme.

Experiment with makeup

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Get out of your comfort zone and try to experiment with makeup. For example with colored eyeliner or heavier smokey eyes.

TV series\movie marathons

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Maybe one of my favorite things to do. I want to write an article about the series that I recommend everyone to watch.

Cooking sweets

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There are so many recipes on Google, Youtube and We heart it. If you are not used to cooking, try to start with simple recipes, such as cookies and after try experiment with more complex ones.

Write a journal

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Cut out images that you like, draw, write down your thoughts or the goals you want to achieve, transcribe quotes that strike you. It will be wonderful then to go back and read it again.

Create playlists with your favorite songs

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You can create playlists inspired by your mood, the holidays or a special day like your birthday.