Autumn, my absolute favorite season! For me it's the beginning of a new year and therefore a good time to start following new resolutions and follow a DAILY ROUTUNE <3

1. Wake up

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Not too late, not too early:
I set the alarm for every morning at 8:20am or at 9:00am, it
depends on the programs I have for the day

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And to start off I DECIDE to be positive and give myself a good morning with a nice smile

2. Yoga Stretch

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To wake up the body it is good to do 10 minutes of stretching or a yoga session

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In this way the musculature and the joints, with the daily practice, do not risk injuries or contractures

3. Shower & Skin care routine

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It is nice to take a shower for the right charge

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I use my favorite soaps and wear what inspires me. After I'll make my bed

4. Breakfast

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Before making a real breakfast I drink a large glass of water, after I prepare to drink and my food...

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Usually I start by making a good cappuccino, a latte or a tea

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I like to combine a dessert with my drink: biscuits, cereals, porridge or a piece of cake...

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But if I feel like having breakfast outside...

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..., I'm sure I'll order a cappuccino and a croissant, the breakfast I love the most!

5. Study

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I prefer to study in the morning: I can concentrate more and work longer

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Computer, paper and pen and for at least 3 hours rest on the books

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And I study in my room or in a cafeteria, possibly alone so I can concentrate better

6. Lunch

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I usually drink a big glass of water 30 minutes before lunch, so I can start cooking

Well, I am italian and I LOVE PASTA! I usually eat pasta or rice for lunch, with some veggies and sometimes some cheese

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If I am tired or I have not too much time to cook I prefer toast some bread and eat with some salmon, turkey or ham...

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... or maybe a quick salad

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You can understand that I love carbs!

7. Nap

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After lunch I need sleep of 1 hour, so I can start the afternoon rested

8. Study again!

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I start my afternoon making a hot drink and start studying again for 2-3 hours

9. Bake <3

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I like eat something sweet or delicious in the morning, and the best time for bake my breakfast is for have a little rest from study

10. Fitness

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go to workout is the best self care for your body, so I go run or to the gym for a couple of hours

11. Relax

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Afret a shower, if it isn't too late I drink something hot (again), eat a snack and I relax with a book or with my phone before dinner

12. Dinner

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For dinner, if I'm inspired, I cook something like legums, soup or some protein

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But if I'm tired...

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13. Relax and GoodNight

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After dinner I wear my pajamas and I like to watch tv or Netflix with a cup of tea or camomilla

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My day finish with a big and good sleep of 8 hours<3

This is my ideal productive fall day, I hope you enjoyed that... XOXO Marta <3