Hey there,

I am 17 now. In almost 2 Months is my birthday and therewith the official end of my childhood. I remember the time when I got really excited to celebrate my birthday. Today I am almost scared, or I do not even care anymore, and it feels so wrong.
For all those people who desperately want to become an adult: I do not understand! My childhood was the best time of my life and now that it is over, I am really frustrated. Do not get me wrong! I am excited about the new challenges that will come with being an adult but if I have to choose, I would prefer to stay a happy kid.

It took some time to realize that 1/3 of my life is nearly over and to be honest I spend the whole summer thinking about it.
This might be a rather sad and sour article but maybe there are people who feel the same. However, I wanted to make a list about some things that showed me that my childhood nearly comes to an end.

School ends

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The last schoolyear is approaching, and you have to think about what comes next. Everything will change when you are out of school. Do you want to start your own family? Do you want to be a CEO of a big company even though it takes you thirty years? Will you even get a job?

Reality hits harder when you are on your own

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The times you went to an appointment together with your mom are over. You are recognizing that people can be rude and very unfair. You are no longer a little kid that needs protection. It is time that you get your shit together and start to provide for your family. You are also recognizing that the world is a lot crueller than you thought when you were younger.

People are dying

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Apparently, death is inevitable. But it also hurts very much. Your grandparents get older just like your parents and of course they will never stay forever. This is probably the most frustrating part of becoming older.

Heroes are basically gone

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Everyone has a childhood hero. Besides your parents it was someone who really inspired you when you were feeling down. You always wanted to be just like them – a cool superhero, who saves people’s lives just by being there. Recognizing that heroes get older too and eventually are passing away broke my heart.

Getting a drivers license

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The time I got my license felt weird. I was happy of course but it was also the first time I really felt like that I accomplished the last level of being a kid. It is just a lot of responsibility all at once - just like a hit in your face. Suddenly I could drive.

Drinking alcohol

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Since underage drinking is nothing special anymore this might step out of line for a couple of people. But not for me. I always feel bad when I drink even if it tastes good. When I am drunk, I feel even worse because I have no control over my actions, and I am honestly a mess. Regarding to the topic alcohol makes me feel like an adult. It is an adult thing to do. But still I drink.