hello guys, this is an article where I will be sharing my summer glow up experience.

This year the goal is to feel great in my natural body, this means I need to achieve a few things by the end of the summer for that.



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As I said in my curly hair routine article, I've always wore my hair straightened so my goal this summer is to make them healthy again and good looking so that they will look good when school starts so that I can wear them natural.

To achieve this goal, I tried to use specific products and to do things that will make them grow and make them healthier.

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I feel like my hair grew during summer and I can notice that nice curls are starting to appear on my hair.

To be honest, it still is difficult to wear them untied outside of home (even at home actually), because of the heat mainly.

articles I wrote about hair (i wrote more lol so go and check them if you're interested)


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I don't know why but I keep biting my nails this summer, so they look awful. I need them to grow healthy, to harden because they are so soft so they easily break.

I will write an article about tips for nails, and use those tips so that my nails can grow healthy and long and then I will shape them.

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I feel like something as simple as this can really help boost your confidence, I mean knowing that I've made effort to help them grow nice and all and also it looks great afterwards lol.


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So I know it's vacation and all, but if I'm being honest I kinda forgot things we did last year and I think that revising before starting school again is great.

I am also going to try to start next year's school program to be prepared for it and have good grades.


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I'm going in a new school next year and I am a little stressed, I am going to work on my mental to really motivate myself and to try to become a better person.

I know I am nice and all lol, but I should still improve and become a better person.


I also have other goals, but I'm not going to share all of them on this article, so I will probably do a part 2. Follow me to stay notified!

I believe in you guys, work hard for your goals and achieve them, we can do it together! Let's motivate ourselves, if you have goals : work for them girl! You can do it!