This is the poetic story of the sun and moon. The sun never fades because it's job is also to light up the moon, but the moon is no longer visible during the day because it's so bright. Betcha can't tell who's the sun and who's the moon ;)

Sun and Moon

His hair was sunlight
His eyes like clouds
He loved to dance
His passion was loud
But he felt he was always acting
Nothing made him feel whole
All he wanted
Was a mate for his soul
He tried to smile
He tried to laugh
He wanted to be merry
To go down a joyful path
But he felt that something was missing.

Then he saw her
She was dark and deep
Her eyes were green
Her hair was sleek
She looked out of place
In the crowded, bright room
She had the look of daydreams
A soul like the moon
He stopped everything
The world froze
Stranger's hands in the air
All movement came to a close
Hippie girls stopped
Drinks splashing
He felt his heart
The pretty boys were smiling
At strangers they met
The girls fell head first
The immature reeled in their nets
But none of this he noticed
Just the girl wrapped in black
He smiled at her
She smiled back
He wanted to say hello
But his body froze
He tried to tell himself to move
No one was watching
He had nothing to lose
But his feet stayed glued
To the hard wooden floor
His mouth remained closed
His eyes shot to the door
He wanted to escape
Get out of this crowded room
But in the crowd he was standing
There was no room to move
Then as he watched
She blinked her eyes
As he stood there stunned
She waved goodbye
Then the world sped back up
And he rushed
He tried to reach her
But he was crushed
When she slipped through the door
He could see her no more
His heart rate increased
His hope ceased
A tear fell from one eye
He tried not to sigh
Still reach her he might
But it was still night
When he opened the door
As expected
It was still dark
But not expected
She'd left a mark
A paper stuck under the mat
He grabbed it fast
It said, "Meet me at the pier
The beach is where it's near."
His adrenaline raced
As did his feet
To the pier on the water
His hopeful soulmate to meet
There she sat
Her back to him
He noticed something
And couldn't help but grin
On the back of her neck
A crescent moon glowed
Silver as moonlight
His heart she stole
He sat down beside her
A smile on his face
Never expecting
Her soft warm embrace
The tears shone
Slipping down her cheeks
Glittering in starlight
Together they likely looked like freaks
As the sun began to rise
His own birthmark shone
Their foreheads touching
Their hands together sown
As the stars slowly disappeared
And the sun shined gold
He wished to remain
But their destiny was sold
As the moon faded
So did she
As the sun rose
So did he
The sunrise they watched
They stood hand in hand
But nothing could stop
The sky's command
Only birds were truly free
She began to fade
They tried not to cry
She whispered softly in his ear

But nevertheless
They returned every night
In the morning at sunrise
When the sky turned bright
They met at nightfall too
When the moon was coming closer
As they sat together under stars
When the water's ripple would astir.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if it was confusing. <3