hey guys !

Well to be honest this is my 1st time writting on here, i’ve been following people reading their stories so i thought about sharing my own stories at first I didn’t know what to write about so I made a small list of things that had a big impact on me this year
The 1st thing that came into my mind was Tinder lol yeah … and as you all know Tinder is … a way to maybe meet the love of your life

This year was quite the year of tinder for me lol I was actually so desperate to meet someone so I talked about it with my friend so she suggested tinder knowing that she was dating a guy from there seeing how she talked about him I got my hopes up and got tinder that same day as soon as I started swiping left and right I matched with nearly all of them now let me tell you a year on tinder I met every type of guy

  • the 1st guy was nice actually he was the nicest guy I’ve ever met there we started by talking about my and his likes and dislikes by a month after we decided to meet it went great ! but after sometime we just started running out of things to talk about and knowing that I’m not talkative we naturally just started talking less and less until one day it finally got to the end i wasn't that sad though we just weren't made for each other
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  • The 2nd guy lol omg he was the worst ! we actually texted for 2 days and decided to meet ! we spent like 2 months going out together meeting each other doing a lot of things and just like that one day he texted me saying that I reminded him of his ex and he realized that he’s still in love with her
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  • The 3rd guy I actually thought he was great cause he was funny talked a lot handsome af everything about him was right but then texting only for just 2 hours he sent me a ... emm… how can I put it into words he sent me a picture of his thing and asked me if I liked him more now eventually I blocked him right there
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It was kinda bad a first experience on tinder but I learned a lot of things from it

❤ ❤ Thank you a lot for reading my little story and see you on another story of mine lol ❤❤