noun, plural in·se·cu·ri·ties
lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt
little kids have monsters under their beds,
teenagers have monsters inside of their heads.

today's song:
"good news", recently released by k. flay

"i'm ready to go, ready to start things over
trying not to live in the past
i'm lookin' ahead, know I could be my own best friend"

when i was younger, about 13 to 15 years old, i had an incredibly bad self-esteem.
i have no idea where all this negativity about myself came from.
there weren't any kids at my school who bullied me or called me ugly.
no one ever really said a single bad word about my appearance to me.

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still i was so deeply convinced that i was disgusting.
i hated my big pores,
my frizzy flying hairs,
my red spots all over the face,
my dark circles that made me look like an ancestor of dracula,
the yellowish hue of my complexion,
the veins that shimmered through my skin on my whole body,
my brassy hair strands,
how my hair was just as damaged and broken as me (and so hard to brush through duh),
the tiny bumps on my legs after shaving,
my big nose that got even bigger when i smiled,
my rheumy eyes that seemed so empty,
the way my belly arched in the wrong direction,
my jutting ears
and the glasses i had to wear.

i wanted to hide, i wore makeup every day but still felt weird, i hated going out because there would be people who could see me and i didn't want to be seen.
whenever someone complimented me i said thank you and smiled. the compliments never sank in, though. i just didn't want to be one of those girls who annoyed everyone by not accepting nice words who keep fishing for validation by talking bad about themselves.

i must confess, i think i actually did look pretty crappy at that time.
i looked unhappy and unhealthy and i felt unhappy and unhealthy, too. i wasn't taking care of myself, bad diet, too much internet, basically no sport. not to mention that my mental health was pretty screwed up as well.

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my best friend was a narcissist and wouldn't even think about supporting me in any way. she had no interest in lifting up my confidence. so now she isn't a friend of mine anymore and i must say, since our friendship ended, i've been doing a lot better. growing. evolving.
adolescence has its ways of giving you challenges and it's not necessarily a bad thing. adult life can be really tough, so you have to become tougher.

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it's been a really long journey.
loving yourself isn't done by smiling into a mirror and saying "i love myself".
real, solid selflove takes time and practice, like all the good things in life.
it all begins in your head. watch how you talk to yourself, the words you use, the attitude you have towards yourself.
it starts with realizing the lies. it continues with disclosing and disproving them.

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face masks are great, but it's not an act of selflove when you're just doing it so your skin looks better.
selfcare takes more than doing a spa day to listen to music and paint your nails.
caring for yourself means making decisions that are good for you.

  • going to sleep early enough instead of being on your phone until 11pm
  • unfollowing social media channels that present toxic beauty ideals
  • cooking a healthy meal for yourself regularly
  • going for a walk in nature (without your phone)
  • giving yourself a foot massage
  • doing a yoga exercise and really enjoying the moves
  • listening to music that you like, even when others dislike these songs
  • drawing or painting without judging the result (harder than it sounds)
  • being grateful for the little things (i recommend working on a big gratitude list)
  • writing down positive affirmations and reading them out loud regularly
  • writing about your thoughts and feelings in a diary
  • take the time to indulge in a novel you enjoy
  • do whatever you really deep down feel like doing
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every year after that hard time has been better than the one before, with every year i was growing and glowing in ways i wouldn't have expected.
and that feels good. slow but steady i'm rising up to my full potential, my most beautiful experience of life possible.
i'm not at war with myself anymore. i'm ready to be my own best friend.
and that includes treating myself the same loving way i'm treating my best friends.
i'm ready to accept that i'm an incredible and perfect creation of the sublime universe. doubting myself means doubting the infinite beauty of this incredible life.

right now, i am already perfect the way i am right now. i might improve in the future, but it's not a necessity, it doesn't matter. because i am already complete in this very moment.
and so are you.
there's nothing you should criticize about yourself unless it hurts other living beings. you are exactly how you need to be in this moment of time. you are where you need to be. everything will work out eventually.
just trust the ways of the universe.

i hope you got the message. breath deeply and let go of any insecurities.
they're not real, they're not worth any of the precious space in your mind.

xx, a random girl from the internet

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i hope you're having a happy day full of small acts to show yourself just how much you adore yourself :3