Hi! this is my first article, plus I'm not english mother tongue, so please forgive my mistakes. I hope you'll enjoy :)

It's been a month since I graduated, and I'm still getting use to this new life. To be honest it's been a tough period. I don't know what to do now. I wanted to be finally free so much. But it's the same freedom that I used to desire so badly, that right now is giving me a hard time. Because I can't figure out what my next move will be, and I feel stuck. I feel like whatever choice I'm going to make will be the wrong one.

So I came up with some ideas that are helping me get trough this stage of my life, and I thought it could also be helpful to someone else.

Let go of the past

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I know it can be difficult, but this is the first step you need to take. All the memories that you've made in those years, the friends, the laughs, all the time spent on the books, the adventures,.. I'm not telling you to erase them, but if you want to move on, you can't keep replaying them constantly in your head. And even because life can still be amazing. You'll meet many other friends along the way, and you'll have new reasons to smile and be happy. But first you have to be willing to let go of the past and look towards the future.

Try new things and take risks

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Right now it's the perfect time to try new things, jobs, experiences,.. Because we are young, we just ended a journey, and we have our whole life ahead of us. We are still allowed to try new things, to experiment. We have no big responsibilities and we can take our time to figure things out. Besides even if you fail you won't lose nothing because you are just starting out.

Don't waste time

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When you're graduated it's easy to let time fly by. Instead these moments are precious. You can use them to learn new things, read, and continue to educate yourself. Organize your day in order to have both time to relax and to be with your friends, and also to learn new skills, grow, take classes.

Finally, try not to look at other people paths and compare theirs to your. We are all in different stages of our life, and it doesn't matter if you take longer to accomplish something. Take the time you need.

All right, this is all. I hope it will be helpful for someone.

- Sonia