You did it! You made it to another Friday and absolutely CRUSHED another week. You deserve to treat yourself. May we recommend these 5 things?

Keep reading for the 5 products our editors were head-over-heels for this week!

Squish Beauty

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Shop: Flower Power Acne Patches:, $12

There’s a new skincare brand in town and it just might be the cutest one ever. Say hello to Squish Beauty, the cheeky, hydrating and inclusive new line founded by model, author and body positivity activist Charli Howard. Our favorite product so far? The flower power acne patches! I mean we’ve never seen a cuter pimple. What’s not to love!

Girlboss Radio

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Listen: Girlboss Radio

Do we even need to say anything here? This podcast hosted by the legend herself, Sophia Amoruso (founder + CEO of the womens online fashion retailer Nasty Gal), offers listeners an inside look at the stories of trailblazing women. Each episode is packed with life lessons, fun stories and USEFUL tips + tricks from some of the most influential women in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries.

Unroll Me

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Try it:

We’ve all been there, you set down your phone for 5 minutes and next thing you know you have 72 new emails, 70 of them are spam and 2 are the ones you actually care about. We don’t know how it happens, but it does. And who wants to spend hours unsubscribing to all of those newsletters you don’t even remember signing up for in the first place? Not us and probably not you! Well have no fear because is here! This * FREE * service scans your inbox for you and instantly gives you a list of all of your subscriptions. Even better? It can unsubscribe from all of them for you too! Sounds too good to be true, right? We’ll its not and our inbox has never looked better.

Scalp Massager

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Shop: Scalp Massager, $10

Raise your hand if you think the scalp massage is the best part about getting your hair done at the salon. 🙋‍♀️Well, say hello to your new favorite tool: the scalp massager. This handy little tool is perfect for working in your favorite shampoos or just to de-stress. Reminiscent of that fabulous, but all too short, scalp massage performed by your stylist this handheld brush is the perfect way to end the day AND studies suggest just 5 minutes of this guy can improve overall hair health (hellllloooo long locks).

Coty Airspun

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Shop: Cotie Airspun, $5.97

We’re all for a little dew but with this summer heat things have been getting a little out of control. 😅Our favorite product to set our face before a day of fun in the sun is Coty Airspun. This translucent powder is perfect for setting, baking, mattifying- you name it, Coty Airspun can do it. Did we mention it’s less than $6? Yeah, your face is welcome ;)

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