I already know this weekend is going to be a rough one.

It seems like one thing just leads to another. It all started a few days ago when I noticed my "best friend" deleted me off of Snapchat with no explanation. I am sick of people ghosting me with no reason, so I reached out and questioned him. He explained to me that he is striving to do better and that he thinks once I move on with my life that I won't have a need to contact him. I am upset because we had this exact same conversation a few months ago that I am not the kind of people to do that. I believe that you should keep those who support and love you close, which he has. I'm still so confused as to what happened.

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On top of that, my boyfriend and I had an argument last night (mind you that we rarely argue). I blame myself to an extent because I asked him why he shared his other female friends on social media but never seemed to share any photos of us or me on his social media. His response to that was that he found it weird to post about his relationship online. I can understand that because I do believe that it's not necessary to broadcast your relationship all over the internet, but it does look sketch when you have other females on your social media and not your own girlfriend. He says that he rarely posts anything to begin with, but I hope you can understand why I would be upset. I hope I'm not overreacting. I'm already anxious as I am and have a hard time feeling accepted. But it even takes a worse turn from here...

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My boyfriend thinks we shouldn't talk for a few days. He set forth this "challenge" to prove that I wasn't attached to him. I lost it when he said this because I do not need to prove anything to anyone. I am my own person and he doesn't seem to understand that. He said if I can't pull through with the challenge then we are breaking up. So in other words, I am being bribed to keep my relationship. I am still not too sure how I feel about it. I am glad I can write this out on here because I am able to organize my thoughts better. I definitely need to explain to him that this "challenge" isn't right by any means.