I love you, you are loved, your anxiety is lying, your future is looking bright it's almost blinding me, your dreams about a better life will come true, it gets better and it will feel so so good in your heart and soul when you've finally reached your destination.. I promise you my angels
(you who reads this are my angel, because you're one of a kind, one in a million and you're beautiful like an angel to me.)

Take care of yourself, sending you hugs!♡

Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid - 1-800-273-8255

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Mabel - OK (anxiety anthem)

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Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez - Anxiety

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Ariana Grande - Breathin

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Glee Cast (Mercedes) - I'll Stand By You

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Mariah Carey - Through The Rain

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All Time Low - Missing You

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Twenty One Pilots - Truce

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5 Seconds Of Summer - Jet Black Heart

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Bts - Spring Day

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Jonghyun - Before Our Spring

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Bts - 2! 3!

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Lee Hi - Breathe

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Ariana Grande - Get Well Soon

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