No matter how bad you want to lose weight or how obsessed you become to accomplish your goal eating well and exercising, no one is perfect.Even the most knowledgeable health nut will make mistakes. Truth is there is more to losing weight. Here are 3 steps that can help you on your journey. 1) Focus on your sleep.. Studies show that when people don't get enough sleep or quality sleep may gain more weight, do to the hormones that control hunger skyrocketing , making you more hungry. 2) Going to the gym then sitting. It doesn't matter if you go every day or how long you stay. If you spend the rest of the day sitting and laying, your increasing the risk of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and unhealthy cholesterol levels. 3) Skipping meals or Eating to fast. Eating to fast can cause you to overeat and not even notice it. Skipping meals may lead to choosing less unhealthy foods when you finally have the time to fuel your body. But don't be yourself up about and try to avoid these common mistakes and you will be just fine.