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I know there is some time before we hit autumn/spooky season. But I just have fallen in love with this season so much these past few years. So I decided to make a start on my autumn bucket list early this year. I hope you will enjoy reading my bucket list and maybe even use some of my ideas as an inspiration for your own bucket list.

My Autumn Bucketlist 2019

1. Decorate for Autumn/Halloween

autumn, hocus pocus, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image Halloween, autumn, and fall image
This is something we do every year and we go BIG. When I say "BIG" I mean like we do a big one night display on the 31st with the likes of animatronics, lights, props and many pumpkins.

2. Go to a pumpkin patch/buy some pumpkins

aesthetic, autumn, and chill image Temporarily removed girl, autumn, and pumpkin image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
This is something I have only done once and the pumpkins we picked are in the first photo. But we have always gotten pumpkins from our supermarkets.

3. Bake some Halloween goodies

cupcake, pumpkin, and food image Halloween, pumpkin, and cupcake image Image removed pumpkin, Halloween, and biscuits image
I love making things so of course, it would be not autumn without a seasonal treat and spooky sweets.

4. Shop for Autumn clothing

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, fashion, and fall image fashion, outfit, and style image
I really need to get a more seasonal wardrobe and a little more style to it. So this year's plan is to upgrade my style for the season.

5. Do something creative

fox, bullet journal, and october image stationery, bujo, and bullet journal image Image by lkinner Image by lkinner
I am one of the people who like to be organised, so I keep a bullet journal. This is my first year doing one and I can't wait to do an autumn theme for October.

6. Read some books

autumn, book, and decor image books, rebel heart, and blood red road image book, reading, and books image book, autumn, and fall image
I used to read all the time but have fallen out of doing so. So this year I have brought so many books to read over the seasonal period.

7. Drink lots of Tea

радость, утро, and кофеёк image coffee, heart, and forest image tea, coffee, and milk image atmosphere, cozy, and fall image
As a Brit tea is something we drink all year round. But on these cooler mornings and nights, there is nothing better than starting the day or coming home to a nice warm cuppa.

8. Make warm stew

beef, potato, and savoury image breakfast, delicious, and dinner image cooking, food, and recipes image beef, carrot, and celery image
Stew the perfect meal for them chiller nights. It's one of the meals you make to last a few days and can add different sides to it, e.g. Bread, dumplings, chips or even just on its own.

9. Buy cosy jumpers

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image fashion, sweater, and fall image autumn, clothes, and cozy image autumn, sweater, and clothes image
Jumpers are one of the key items for the season, I never used to wear them as I would live in my hoodie. But I've now fallen in love with them so I'll need to buy a few new ones this season

10. Admire the seasonal colours

autumn image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, fall, and nature image autumn, colour, and grass image
This is something I love about where I live, you can just see how the countryside changes over this time period of the year from lushes green, to a lovely amber yellow and then finally to a beautiful brown as the leaves fall.

11. Watch seasonal TV shows/Movies

autumn, Halloween, and fall image Temporarily removed autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, movie, and disney channel image
This is the perfect time of the year to come home turn off the lights and set the mood for some spooktacular movies and TV shows.

12. Take lots of Photos

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, photography, and nature image Image removed Image removed
This year I plan on taking more photos and truly edit them with a seasonal feel. All these will be posted on my personal Instagram: LivingLikeTAO during October.

13. Have a games night with family

gry planszowe sklep, groteka44, and gry planszowe image monopoly and sephora image Temporarily removed amazing, fun, and games image
Normally a thing we do on Christmas day and then never again. So this year I hope that we can play more board games together like we used to when I was a kid.

14. Make a playlist

autumn, fall, and book image black, comfy, and music image autumn, beauty, and music image autumn, coffee, and fall image
I'm a person who loves any style of music in any language, but I have never made a seasonal playlist. So this year I will look a making a playlist that fits the seasonal feel.

15. Get Halloween/Autumn Nails

nails, autumn, and nail art image beauty, nail art, and nail polish image Image by ramon9977 autumn, nails, and love image
Always loved having my nails look nice, but have never done them themed for the season. So this year I'm hoping to get them done nicely.

16. Buy LUSH Halloween/Autumn Products

lush, pattern, and fall image lush cosmetics, boo, and Halloween image colors, lush, and store image Temporarily removed
I normally only go into LUSH about 3 times a year. Mainly to get Xmas gifts or within the boxing day sale. I have never gotten any of their Halloween products. So this year I'm hoping to find some products that I love.

17. Buy some Bath & Body Works Seasonal goodies

candles and bath and body works image hand soap, skin care, and bath and body works image autumn, candle, and fall image Temporarily removed
Once again something we can't get here in the UK, but I have always loved. So this year I will look at buying a B&BW Halloween product.

18. Buy Halloween themed snacks

autumn, Halloween, and fall image Halloween, autumn, and trick or treat image Cookies, crispy, and food image autumn, breakfast, and donuts image
Although here in the UK we don't get many seasonal snacks as the US does. I am going to keep a lookout for them and buy a few to try.

19. Enjoy the Autumn rain

autumn, fall, and leaves image rain, nature, and water image autumn, leaves, and fall image rain, umbrella, and grunge image
Although here in the UK it rains for most of the year and we moan about it all the time. There is something about an Autumn rainstorm that makes it so much better. Maybe this is down to the falling leaves and the gloomy puddles.

20. Enjoy the spooky fog

Image by Fred nature, leaves, and autumn image lake, water, and autumn image autumn, nature, and fall image
Another reason for living in the countryside is the mist and fog we get over the fields. Also going to old English houses in the early autumn mornings always makes them look more spooky due to the seasonal fog.


That's my top 20 things to do this spooky season

But for now, enjoy the rest of the summer making new memories and know whatever you want to do in your life you can, but never do anything that brings you down.

Tiffany xoxo