just some cute korean songs that will make you smile and overall happy. please look at some of the songs included in the list if you can. i still listen to this songs and i just feel happy. i hope you can feel and think the same way when you listen to them ♡҉٩(´︶`)۶҉

1. Bolbbalgan4 - Tell Me You Love Me

artist: bolbbalgan4

2. Park Kyung - Inferiority Complex feat. Eunha

artist: park kyung (Block B) feat. eunha (Gfriend)

3. 10cm - Phonecert

artist: 10cm

4. K.will - Day 1

artist: K.will

5. Apink - Mr Chu

artist: Apink (에이핑크)

6. Girls' Generation - Kissing You

artist: Girls Generation

7. IU - Palette feat. G-DRAGON

artist: IU feat. G-DRAGON

8. Eric Nam - Perhaps Love feat. CHEEZE

artist: Eric Nam feat. Cheeze

9. Seo In-guk & Jung Eun-ji - All For You

artist: Seo In-guk & Jung Eun-ji (Apink)

10. Leebada - Loveholic

artist: LEEBADA

11. Cosmic Boy - About Time feat. Giriboy & THAMA

artist: Cosmic Boy feat. Giriboy & THAMA

12. Hoody - Sunshine feat. Crush

artist: Hoody feat. Crush

13. Sometimes - Crush feat. Baek Yerin

artist: Crush feat. Baek Yerin

note: please support the artists and check out their songs because some have songs similar to the ones mentioned here.

once again thank you and i hope you enjoyed the article especially the songs! ♡(灬´ㅂ`灬)