I N S P I R E D - B Y
Thank you 3000!!
1 | Colorful or Neutral Clothes?
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I love both, it kind of depends what vibe I'm feelin but I love both!
2 | Jeans or Sweatpants?
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Both honestly, jeans can look so stylish and sweatpants look so cute and are really comfy to chill in!
3 | Shorts or Skirts?
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4 | Leggings or Yoga Pants?
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5 | Dungarees or Dresses?
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Summer dresses that make me feel like a million dollars!
6 | Tops or Shirts?
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Both only because tops are so cute and comfortable and shirts look really stylish and are pretty dope.
7 | Long or short sleeves?
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It kind of depends of the style of my outfit but I love both but I always end up wearing short sleeves though!
8 | Jackets or Coats?
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I prefer wearing Jackets when I go out but I also love wearing coats in the winter!!
9 | Sweatshirts or Hoodies
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10 | Colorful or Neutral Underwear?
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Most of the time neutral but pink is also pretty bad-ass!
11 | Lacy or Sports Bra?
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Lacy Bra.
12 | Denim or Leather?
Image by ♛Tahmina♛ jeans image
Denim, definitely Denim.
13 | Sneakers or High-Heels?
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14 | Ankle or Knee High Boots?
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Knee high boots look really bad-ass and classy but I've never worn ankle boots but they look really stylish and really cool.
15 | Purse or Backpack?
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16 | Rings or Bracelets?
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Bracelets but rings are really pretty cute.
17 | Earrings or Necklaces?
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18| Studs or Dangly Earrings?
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I honestly don't know cause I'm too scared to get my ears pierced but both look really stylish.
19 | Sliders or Flip-Flops?
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Sliders! It's like boom there on and boom there off!!
20 | Piercings or Tattoos?
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Piercings are actually pretty cool but I love tattoos!
That's a rap!!
P.S Thank you so much reading; I hope you have an amazing day and always remember it will be okay and you've got this!!