Hello! I'm posting this article because many accounts feel like getting inspiration from others here, but let me tell you bringing your unique content and theme here gets you further in this network.

I'm writing this to help people like me who didn't know what theme suits them better.

I created my account back in 2012 when aesthetics and themes weren't a thing here. When I came back earlier this year (around March) my feed was a whole mess and I started to get rid of hearts that I didn't like anymore. I only used this account to heart pics from time to time and barely took care of it but I still managed to have 500 followers, I still don't know why they followed me but let's get going.

So, once I came back in March, I deleted nearly my whole feed to start fresh and started my vogue theme. I saw these big accounts getting followers quite fast and I wanted too, so that's why I chose that theme.

vogue, red, and aesthetic image bread, breakfast, and cherry image

Now, though, I feel like that theme doesn't suit me at all.

Those who follow me, know about my two recent collections. A summer-ish feed with an orange aesthetic that I fancied, but not too much to be consistent with it.

To find out what theme you truly enjoy, I suggest these things that work for me:

1. Search profiles with the aesthetics/themes you think you could like.

It may be on Instagram, Pinterest, WHI or any other social media with similar feeds. It doesn't matter where.

2. Keep in mind that to make a pretty feed, your pics must be similar, but never the same ones over and over.

3. Good quality!

This may not seem important, but a pretty feed with low-quality photos is such a waste of time because no one likes blurry pictures.

4. Pretty usernames help if you match it with your theme.

Also, keep it simple so people remember it. Don't add many numbers or many irrelevant letters. On Tumblr, there are many random usernames given by accounts so you could use them.

5. Choose a color/filter for your theme.

White and rose gold are the most common, but I'd rather black or golden over them. Custom filters help too to get a different result and it'd be perfect because nobody else would have the same (unless they're reposting your pics).

6. You can find your audience by using tags.

If you have it all (HQ pics, a color, the username), then now it's time your audience finds you. How? With tags. If you don't know which one(s) you should use, you can go on the internet and search pages where they take the most popular tags on different social media (always remember to choose the ones that represent your theme, if you don't people will end up blocking you) and use the ones you think describe better your aesthetic.

7. DON'T do it for the followers/hearts/likes.

If you do all this to gain followers, you'll end up just hating everything about this. Do it to feel comfortable sharing what you like, to find people with the same passion for things as you. And remember to have fun and live your life outside social media.

This is all! These tips helped me to grow my account, in 5 months, I went from 500 followers to nearly 1k and still growing every day. Not only gaining followers but a loyal audience that heart my posts and share the same hobbies.

To your success,

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