Hi very lovely hearters.Today's article is about friendship.Our friends are a big part of our life.They make us happy and proud of ourselves.But unfortunately sometimes we make them feel sad,sometimes unwittingly and sometimes on purpose.This is the subject of the article today.Mistakes we make with our friends.

  • We gossip them.That's the worst thing we do to them.When they tell us a secret we share it with anyone.Before we do this we have to think if we liked they to gossip us.Or other times we mock them for their style,themselves and we judge them badly. Let's stop it!!!
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  • We compete them.Another mistake we make with our friends is the competition between us.Most of the times we compete them without a reason.We have the need to be better than them,suddenly.We compare their life with our.This is not good.
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  • We talk to them badly.Sometimes maybe we think that because they are our friends we can offend them,with bad comments for their appearance,themselves...Maybe we say it as a joke but it's offensive to them.The best thing we can do, is when we understand that they are sad is to apologize.
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  • We don't hear them.When they have problems maybe we ignore them.We don't show them understanding.We want to avoid the sadness and anxiety.When we do this they feel bad and they have no one to talk.They need you those moments.Try to feel them and understand them.
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Your friends are unique.Don't forget you chose them.If you have a good time with someone just stay with his/her forever.There are no rules in friendship.

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