Let`s be honest. Hopefully I never have to actually run across a genuine serial killer someday! I am already freaked out by googling one of them. They all look so innocent and like everyone else but just knowing in the back of my head what they have done gives me the chills. Because of the fact that serial killers are a real thing and not just a movie it is as scary as terrorists, mass shootings, global warming and everything else that gives me anxiety attacks.

Ironically I am really interested into true murder cases and crime stories, even though I am a litte paranoid afterwards. And by a little I mean I will sleep with the lights on and a knife under my pillow!

Nevertheless I really want to share my research of the many facets of serial killers with you. Hopefully it is as interesting to you as it is to me.

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Definitely not a Stereotype

When I imagine a serial killer I automatically think of a middle aged men, who's got an illness or a bad childhood and who just kills young woman. But did you know that there are different types of serial killers regarding to their motives?

Based on my own research (Wikipedia) there are basically two types - those who create a whole plan to kill someone and those who kill randomly and just out of emotion (which is the scarier one in my opinion).

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Sometimes it just takes a disagreement, a negative feeling or the sight of something desirable like a young woman to provoke a serial killer to commit murder.

When killing becomes a game

Of course it s hard to clarify serial killers as in one stereotype because every case is unique but some of the main motives for serial killers to take action are similar.

The scariest motives are by far visions, a mission of their own, based on hedonism or a thirst for power.

1. Motive: Visions

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Quite often serial killers are mentally ill. Reasons for that are most of the time a bad childhood, violent parents, drugs, a strict religion and more things which are able to shape a person for the rest of their lives. In most cases these people have a problem with reality. Sometimes they even believe that they are somebody else or that their lives are threatened by God or the Devil. Regarding to this it is not so uncommon that they will hear voices too.

Just imagine multiply voices in your head telling you what to do 24 hours a week. In your sleep, when you walk to school, when you have dinner with your family - you will slowly driving insane with no way to escape because it is all in your head. (That is way to scary to think about !)

2. Motive: The Mission

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This type is (in most cases) not ill at all but they think they act with good intensions and that makes it even scarier to me. These serial killers have personal dislike against certain groups of people (homosexuals, drug users, prostitutes,...). The main goal in this case is to "protect" the world from them. To them it is sort of a social illness they have to cure.

3. Motive: Pleasure

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The most common reasons for a serial killer to take somebody's life is most likely because of sex, adrenalin or comfort. Especially women are most known to be comfort killers. There are cases of women poisoning their husbands to make profit or to take revenge.

Personally the type of serial killer who kills because of the thrill scares me the most. They enjoy hunting and killing random people. They are dreaming of the "Perfect Crime" and are getting exited when their victim is full of terror and pain. (These serial killers are the worst and the biggest assholes too.)

4. Motive: Power

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Power is apart from money the most desired thing in the world. Especially for serial killers who where sexually abused as a kid and are know looking for someone to control. Ted Bundy was just like that. He would find women to sexually abuse them and to kill them. In this case the motivation is not lust but a form of domination.