Hi, I want to create my Fairy Oak character bc when I was young I really love this books.


japan, flower, and iris image aesthetic, beauty, and blue image
Iris Dewhite (the name reminds the flower, the surname means "white dew")


Temporarily removed eye, brown, and eyes image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and beauty image


flowers, aesthetic, and green image dress and girl image Image by Lovely Gallery hair image
She likes wearing flower dress, pastel colors and decoring her hair with flowers

Magical of the Light or Magical of the Dark?

light, hand, and magic image hands, light, and sun image blue, indie, and legs image dreams, Sonne, and light image
Magical of the Light


Temporarily removed fashion, woman girl, and flower flowers image dog image Copyrighted image
Her dad is a Magical of the Dark, he is a distint man and smokes pipe. Her mom is a Magical of the Light, she loves nature. They live with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a little fairy.


book, books, and read image Temporarily removed purple, sea, and wallpaper image butterfly, green, and nature image
She loves reading, writing her thoughts on a carefully decorated notebook, taking walks or flying near the sea, being in the midst of nature


flowers, house, and aesthetic image antiques, architecture, and conservatory image Image removed bedroom and books image
This is the house with garden and garden greenhouse. The last picture is Iris' own room.

I hope that you enjoy this article, see you soon.
xoxo Als