This article pop up in my discover feed and got me in a hungry mood, if I can say like that. (and in writing mode because I didn't write something in the last few days, so here we are)

Burgers or Hot Dogs?

food, burger, and fries image Temporarily removed
burgers, i don't really like hot dogs.

French Fries or Onion Rings?

food and rings image food, love, and yummy image
I can't choose, give me both of them.

Tea or Coffee?

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coffee please

Pie or Cake?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Apple Pie, cake, and delicious image
apple pies

Candy or Popcorn?

popcorn, food, and vintage image popcorn, food, and heart image
popcorn because I can't eat candies anymore (teeth problems)

Crรชpes or Waffles?

food, nutella, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and nutella image
:) I like crepes more than waffles

Ketchup or Mustard?

food, fries, and ketchup image funny, ketchup, and friends image
isn't it obvious ? I like mustard but not that much

Bagels or Biscuits?

biscuits and yummy image biscuits, food, and pocket image
biscuits :)

Coke or Pepsi?

coca cola, drink, and red image pink, coca cola, and drink image
I don't drink soda but I choose Coke for the aesthetics :)

Smoothie or Juice?

healthy, food, and smoothie image food and juice image
I love my homemade juices. (the kiwi one I recommend to everyone, it's so good)

A few of the images bellow are extracted from my collections so if you want to check them, here you go :

food and juice image
cover photo
So, yeah, I'm very hungry right now. Have a nice day / night whenever you read this and see you next time ! Bye bye my loves ! ๐Ÿฅฐ
Andreea Pantea
Andreea Pantea