Happiness and love are not found through other people, money or things. Instead your best life and best version of yourself is uncovered within.

When you learn what sets your soul on fire, what brings you peace of mind and most importantly what brings you happiness you will find that living your best life will come naturally.

So, to learn how to live life to the fullest here are some ways that can help you to do just that.

Free yourself from negative thinking

Thoughts are constantly running through our heads some positive and some negative. I'm sure we all know that negative self-talk is by far the biggest dream killer and obstruction in our lives, and sadly there is no simple on and off switch.

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You must be dedicated to practising positive self-talk and become consciously aware of what you are saying and thinking inside of your head. This doesn't mean that you can't have bad days we are all human after all. However, it is important to not dwell on the negative and try to find something positive in every day.

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Let go of toxic relationships

Letting go of toxic people may be one of the most crucial ways to start living your best life. Whether you are in a toxic relationship or friendship the negative effects are the same.

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Toxic people hold you back from achieving the happiness that you deserve and the quicker that you cut them out of your life the better. It is better to be by yourself than in a damaging relationship. Although it may seem daunting initially you will quickly realise that life without negative energy holding you back is beautiful and you will not look back.

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Take time for yourself

Use the time for yourself as an opportunity to get to know yourself, to learn and to grow. Ask yourself questions like "who am I?" "what do I enjoy?" "what do I believe in?". Understanding who we are and what kind of things we support and disapprove of will help to give you a clearer mind and a happier, stress-free mindset.

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You may be somebody who needs a certain amount of solitude every day to regain your thoughts and composure. So schedule time to yourself into your routine. On the contrary, you may enjoy being around people all the time. Therefore, look at volunteering opportunities that allow you to help people.

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Eat healthily

Food affects our bodies and by simply eating healthier you will feel a lot better for it. To create a healthy lifestyle you must have a new perspective on food. It should not be about eating "healthy" in order to be a certain weight. It should be about eating healthy to prevent disease, heal current ailments and feel your best from the inside.

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Also, an important note that it is OK to enjoy life as well. If you're at a birthday party, eat the cake. When you limit yourself too much it can create a negative feeling, which typically leads to more indulging than necessary. If you follow an everyday healthy eating routine, then treats here and there are completely fine and should be enjoyed.

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love always.

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