Intriguing Details About The Bush Viper
Here are some bush viper facts that will make for an engaging read.

Bush Viper Fact #1:
They can be perceived as small for snakes.
In contrast to other kinds of snakes, bush vipers have a lean and tapering build and a tinier shape.
Also, their bodies are a little compacted, making them appear even smaller when compared with other snakes.
The total body length of grown-up bush viper snakes from the top of the head until tip of the tail is commonly somewhere between 16 inches and a maximal of 31 inches.

Bush Viper Fact #2:
Atheris possess larger sized eyes than other snakes.
When you evaluate a bush viper to any other kind of snake, you'll see that their eyes are pretty enormous in relation to the actual scale of their body shape.
Bush vipers have elliptical pupils. This kind of pupil makes it much simpler for them to see in darkness, and it also makes it simpler for them to look for their target while they are hunting.

Bush Viper Fact #3:
Bush vipers normally stay above the earth.
Bush vipers are arboreal creatures and this signifies that they generally inhabit foliage.
In addition, bush vipers mostly choose to reside on the higher areas of the trees or on the upper sections of the bushy plant life.
They are very rarely observed on the ground, but occasionally, when they are out looking for food, they may be located on the earth, or on areas near the ground.

Bush Viper Fact #4:
They are nocturnal and therefore are secluded in the daytime.
Bush vipers are nocturnally active beasts and prefer to remain non-active during the day.
They mainly prefer to snooze throughout the day and hunt at night.

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