I'm making this for myself, so I can come back when I'm older, and see if anything has changed.

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Learning to surf and going on a roadtrip with an old van are some of my dreams.
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My eyes are green, my hair is long, little curly and brown. I have freckles which I used to hate when I was little. I'm always smiling and laughing even tho I often feel lonely.
beauty, bracelets, and denim image fashion, nike, and outfit image outfit, style, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image
My style changes a lot but I feel most like myself when I'm wearing this kind of clothes.
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I love black coffee and dark nights.
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and I really like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.
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I'm expressing myself by art. I also write s#itty poems...
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I love the 90's and I wish I had a time machine!
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I enjoy spending time in the nature and watching sunsets. Oh well and I wish I could make out on a beach in the evening, haha.
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I'm always the grazy one.
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I'm finally taking a step forward what comes to my dreams. I'm going to start guitar lessons.
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One last random thing about me. I really wish that smartphones were never created. I like the idea of people telling things face to face or through landline phone.