At this point of life whether you are single or in a relationship or in complication, have you ask yourself, "Have i love myself yet?"

How much you treat others tells you a lot about how u treat yourself
....but how it is explain psychologically?

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So lately ive broke up with my bf over sorts of problems we cant solve and he asked for a break up. we know each other for a year already and he's my first ever boyfriend. that night we he came to my outside my house bcus we had been fighting the same thing over and over again, small issues. So he drove to my house, for a minute i thought he's going to calm me down and settle some real problems. Just like usual we get to the car and talked. but, but this time was different.

He quiet himself down, his face facing anteriorly to the steering wheel, staring at the blank. Just me sitting beside him starting to feel the cold waves transferring all over to me. Only pin drop sounds at that moment. I reached for his hands it was so cold he pulled away. He was in his fist, i grabbed again and spread out his palm slipping my fingers into his, hoping I can hold his hands but he still grabbing and hold it so tightly. And I lay towards him giving him a hug, he pushed me away. I started to feel scared and all the mixed feelings gradually pilled up. It was so shivering to me, his sudden change frighten me.

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And finally he opened his mouth and said the things that how unmatching, his personality and mine just different, how i always got so bad tempered, argued n hurt him each time. And saying the way we both wanted to be treated is different.

so that was how sudden the break up was.
the fall is from the top to hit rock bottom.

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how it really feels was the after break up
my whole world was gone
the emptiness was real

but why will u felt that way?
because you depend too much on others
u loved people the way to fill that hollow emptiness in your heart
and u are giving away too much, more than what you have and u are seriously in debt to pay
u hurt saying u put in too much effort
its not love dear

How can you love others if you dont love yourself?

if people want to leave, leave, there is no point of asking people to stay when all they want is to leave.

You should go and love yourself: be the energy you want to attract.

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You can never love others if you don't love yourself first.
— annonymous

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