Heellooo everyone ! I'm still in my "back to school" mood so today, I will try to give you some tips to be more effective with your learning and to have better grades at school. LET'S GO !

Listen in class

That's the most obvious thing but, we all know that youd don't do it.

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I know it's hard sometimes but just listeb to your professor, try to be the most active. Ask questions, take notes, do the exercise before the professor put the correction on the board. You don't have the choice to be here, so take this time to understand the maximum of the class, that's something you will note have to do back at home.

Resume your notes

When you're back at home, take your note of the day and 'put them in shape' if I can say it like that.

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When you try to make your notes look good in class, you loose your time and a lot of information. What I recommend you is to take the most notes you can and don't try to organise it to much. When you are at home, take those notes and rewrite them in a more organise way. It will make you learn and understand you lesson. Plus you will have beautiful notes.

List of key terms

Make a list of key terms at the end of the chapter is essential.

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It will help you when the time to learn it will come.


Same thing. Flashcards is just the best invention on world when it comes to learn.

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It's esay to do, fast and you can take them with you everywhere you go. Plus you can learn alone with them, you don't need anyone.


Vary your way of learning will be the best thing you can do.

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If you don't use the same method all the time, your brain won't get used to it. I think we all had this situation when you learn your lesson always the same way, and, suddenly, it doesn't work anymore. If your brain 'have fun' and discover new way of learning, it will be more effective.

So, I hope you enjoy this article, see you soon. Take good care of yourself, all the love.