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How do your character's best friends look like?

Kailani has her own circles and they've been best friends since childhood: Alexa, Nathaniel, and Xavier. They are all the same age and basically grew up together since they were babies. Their parents are also good friends and some of them are business partners. They go to the same school and often hang out together, and since they're all elites, they often go to galas and other formal events (now that I think about it, they're all basically the royal version of Gossip Girl gang). They're really close and always have each other's back.

Alexandra De Clare

girl, aesthetic, and blonde image makeup, eyes, and beauty image accessories, Balenciaga, and body image blonde, casual, and fashion image

Alexa is the cheerful one. Stands at 5'7" (169 cm) when only a 16 yo, she'll definitely grow up with a body like a runway model with her long golden blonde hair and a pair of green eyes. She's the girl that every guy wants to date. "Extravagant Beauty" is how the magazines described her, and trust me, she LOVES that kind of attention. She is easy-going and friendly with everyone despite her social status, but people who don't know her would mistakenly think that she's the mean girl because of her RBF. She's so kind-hearted and always sees the best in people. But sometimes, she's too trusting and clueless at the same time that she'd always be the one who gets hurt in the end. She can be a bit spoiled and selfish at times, partially because she's an only child (and extremely rich), but she's also an optimistic person and always tries to look on the bright side. This positive attitude of her often clashed with Kailani's realistic mind and it usually leads to a quarrel between the two. But despite their differences, they love each other so much. Alexa is the sister Kailani never had, and vice versa. And for her fashion style, if Kailani prefers classic and timeless pieces for her wadrobe, Alexa would choose things that are more trendy and eye-catching--bold color choices and prints, etc.

Nathaniel Zachary Fitzwilliam

eyes, green, and eye image boy, smile, and Hot image fashion, style, and boy image man, suit, and classy image

Prince Nathaniel, or Zach--as Kailani often called him in private, is Kailani's boyfriend and her fiancé. He's the Crown Prince of Hvarxaevia. He has black hair and a pair of stunning green eyes. He has lean, well-built body, broad shoulders, and stands at 6'0" (183 cm and still growing). He's the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome. He's exactly that "smart but cold guy" type in those romance novels. He's the perfect gentleman, with a good manner and wisdom like the future king he is. But he's hot-tempered, he gets angry easily and according to Xavier, it looked so scary that he almost believe that somebody (probably himself) would get killed every single time. And for his fashion style, Nathaniel doesn't really pay much attention to what he's wearing. But he tends to have a casual and effortless style. I will describe about him more in Day 16.

Xavier Bauffremont

boy, blonde, and hair image blond, blue eyes, and brown image fashion, jacket, and boy image casual styles and mens style image

Xavier is the playboy one. He's Nathaniel's bestfriend. Stands at 5'10" (178 cm), he's a bit of a ladies man with his wavy blond hair, flirty brown eyes, and his funny, energetic, and carefree character. Maybe that's why he's quite the prince charming instead of the prince himself. He may looks like he has no care in the world, but inside, he actually cares deeply for those he loves. He's good at judging people and also very loyal to his friends. And for his fashion style, he usually wears clothes that screaming "billionaire" from head to toe--high end designer clothes, limited edition watch, and oh.. don't forget his bright red McLaren that makes people turn their heads!

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