☁ beach or mountain

Image removed flowers, mountains, and nature image
both but i like mountain better ✔

☁ this or that

aesthetic, amazing, and city image fashion, style, and outfit image
left is my style ✔

☁ coffee or tea

coffee image Temporarily removed
i personally choose tea ✔

☁ reading or watching

cat, friends, and animal image books image
watching ✔

☁ noodles or ramen

food, delicious, and meat image ramen and vegan image
noodles ✔

☁ big city or countryside

aesthetic, city, and street image food, view, and nature image
big city ✔

☁ plane or train

Image removed Temporarily removed
sometimes both but I'll go with the plane ✔

☁ fruits or veggies

fruit, food, and mango image food, fruit, and healthy image
fruits ofcc ✔

☁ candies or chocolate

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image Image removed
i love chocolatee ✔

thanks for stoping by loves ♡♡♡