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In life, there are at least two sides to everything . . and that includes university: the academic side and the social. It is this second side that we will be focusing on today: Societies, Sports Union, and Languages!

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Universities offer a bundle of opportunities in a number of forms such as Societies, Sports Union, and Languages that every student should at least give a go. Especially since most of them are easily accessible and free to their students!


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Societies are basically clubs or extra curriculum. University offer a whole range of them from your usual societies such as film, chess, and debates to odd and fascinating ones such as anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and Zombies! And if your university doesn't have the club you want, then you can start your own!

Sports Union

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If you're a lover of sports or just starting out, I would highly recommend getting involved in them! Unlike secondary school or sixth form, universities have a lot more fun activities that you will mostly likely find something you enjoy. Some sports include: archery, boxing, volleyball, dance, fencing, judo and much more!

Most universities offer two forms of sports activities: the social and the competitive. The social is for ANYONE who wants to take part for fun and have no commitment (so you could should up every other week and its perfectly fine!). Meanwhile, the competitive side is the official university teams who train weekly and enter competitions and leagues.

Modern Languages

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If you're lucky enough to go to a university that offers free languages as a course, take it! I was fortunate enough to go to a university that offered nine different languages (Japanese, Arabic, German, Russian, etc) which ran for 40 hours over two semesters. Some universities do less while others do more so it would depend.

Now, if those amazing opportunities aren't enough to convince you, here are four more reasons why you should take part:
1. Get To Meet New People and Make Great Friends
2. Learn A New Skill (for fun or to further yourself)
3. University Is A Once In A Life Time Experience, Don't Regret Missing Out
4. Looks Great On Paper

I especially recommend taking as many opportunities as you can without comprising your studies in first year as that is when you will have the most free time and less pressure. [WARNING: may vary between majors!]

Don't Be Scared To Try. . .Don't Regret Not Trying. . .

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Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful! I'll see you soon with a new article!
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