Love shouldn't be this difficult. I thought loving someone was sweet and simple. Like everyone else, I had my first boyfriend and I thought he was the one. He gave me that "butterflies in my stomach" feeling but things slowly changed. We began to act toxic and let it get the best of us. Was it my fault? Or was it his fault? Maybe it was both of our faults. We broke up. I can't forget about him and he can't forget about me, so what's the problem? We're not good for each other. We bring out the worst of each other. Maybe it's not the right time? I truly want to be happy but what if it can't be with him? What if I want it to be him? What do I do then? Nothing. I can't get with him because then things will only be good for a moment until things go wrong. We want to fix each other but we can't do that while being together. I thought about it today and our love is somewhat like the sun and the moon. It feels like we're never going to be able to meet each other. Will it stay as toxic love forever?