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1. Favourite TV show?

actors, doctors, and grey's anatomy image greys anatomy, merder, and meredith and derek image greys anatomy, life, and lifestyle image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and callie torres image
Greys anatomy

2. Favourite TV show character?

aesthetic, character, and cheerleader image
euphoria, alexa demie, and maddy perez image euphoria, hbo, and meme image
Maddy Perez from Euphoria

3. TV show you are ashamed to admit you watch?

13 reasons why, quotes, and alex image Temporarily removed 13 reasons why, justin foley, and 13rw image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and quotes image
13 reasons why. Like it's not even that good but I'm so far in I need to just see what happens.

4. TV show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking?

friends, Joey, and ross image friends, funny, and quotes image friends, chandler, and insane image friends, monica geller, and rachel green image

5. TV show you would live in?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
The simpsons
will smith, whatever, and 90s image 90s, fresh prince of bel air, and ashley banks image funny, will smith, and lol image will smith, attractive, and funny image
Or Fresh Prince

6. TV crush?

netflix and cable girls image netflix, martino rivas, and las chicas del cable image
Martiño Rivas from las chicas del cable, he's 34 but he's fionnee.
euphoria image euphoria, icons, and jacob elordi image
And jacob elordi from Euphoria. The character he plays is highkey scary but he's cute and he's a sweetheart in real life.

7. TV show that reminds you of your childhood?

powerpuff girls, bubbles, and cartoon image cartoon, 90s, and powerpuff girls image Temporarily removed bubbles, bunny, and cartoon image
The Power Puff Girls

8. TV character you would like to play?

blue, denim, and gif image
Zoey, love, and grown ish image cyber, fashion, and friendships image
Zoey Johnson from grown-ish

9. TV show you've abandoned?

Image removed fashion, scandal, and olivia pope image scandal, kerry washington, and bellamy young image scandal, bellamy young, and portia de rossi image
Scandal. It was myy favouite at one point.

10. Underrated TV show?

Temporarily removed
one day at a time, isabella gomez, and odaat image lydia, netflix, and one day at a time image
One day at a time

11. TV show everyone likes but you don't?

riverdale, cole sprouse, and jughead image Image removed happy, season 3, and riverdale image riverdale and archie andrews image
Riverdale. They should've cancelled that after the first season. I don't understand why people still watch it.
That's all and this took me hours to make. Yes im posting this at 12AM, it is what is.
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