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Gemma Sofia Fiorentini
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Figure Ice Skating.
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Gemma is 24 years old and she was born in the Province of Como in the north of Italy. She started skating when she was 3 years old in a frozen lake near her house and started attending to classes when she was 5.
Since then Gemma has participated in different events and competitions, but her most important achievements were her 4 national titles: one bronze medal, two silver medals and a gold medal; which gave her a place in the Italian olympic team.
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Gemma has blonde straight hair, pale skin, brown eyes and a fit body.
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Gemma is disciplined, determined, goal-oriented and dedicated, but she's also very fun, kind and a dreamer.
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When she's on a practice she likes to wear comfy clothes, but when she's competing she likes to wear nice and elegant costumes.
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Gemma's goals for her future are: winning an olympic title with her country's team and become a trainer after her retirement.
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