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exhibit 1

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I think hoodies and beanies together make for the chillest outfit

exhibit 2

nike, colorful, and fashion image
chunky sneakers or any sneakers with long socks are also something I'm rocking with

exhibit 3

fashion and girl image
I feel like puffy jackets are the new wave, might just be me but I definitely think they're pretty cool

exhibit 4

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graphic tees are the moveeee

exhibit 5

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streetstyle mode: on

exhibit 6

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sweatpants + hoodies + puffy jackets + glasses= yes ma'am

that is it for now. my style varies, so I don't always follow a strict aesthetic per say. one day it can be streetstyle, then grunge, then indie; it all depends on me. these pictures just show some of my favorite pieces.

hope you enjoyed- alter E

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