My go-to rainy day playlist, wandering around the city listening to lofi beats to calm my mood of stress, school and bull shit.

1~ controlla - Idealism
2~ falling down (feat. shiloh) - Nohidea
3~ lonely - Idealism
4~ Waiting for you - mell-Ø
5~ I fell in love with you one night in September - Rook1e
6~ Orange fluorescence - Smyang Piano
7~ Flowers - In Love with a Ghost
8~ I live all alone - Tomppabeats
9~ busking - _tag
10~ Walking in the rain to cafe to write down private thoughts - City girl
11~ Getsomerest/sleepwell - quickly, quickly
12~ Jovial - Limes
13~ Sorry for not answering the phone Im too busy trying to fly away - In Love with a Ghost
14~ monster gambling in tokyo - Idealism
15~ This is what happens - Peachy!
16~ fell in love in a dream - Kupla
17~ Lauren - Caleb Belkin
My favorite playlist to put my earbuds in and listen to to when I walk downtown.
you can go listen to it on spotify! the playlist name is-
rainy day:~city lofi playlist~
and my name is Gracec with sailor saturn as my icon. I will make more playlist articles on here and on my spotify!