So here's 8 signs that you're falling or felt in love.

1. There's a frequent clear sign of falling in love, when you can't stop thinking about someone, and there's this increase heart rate. Your heart can be pounding so fast that you'd feel it like a drum.

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2. When you try hard to keep your cool. We know that when we're going to see that person, we just do random, reckless things, and we need to take a deep breath and stay calm. Of course we fail most of the times and end up saying idiot things and smilling like a fool.

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3. The temperature of your body changes sunddelly. Is it scientifically proved, your skin can just get warmer on certain points, like face and between the legs (you know what I mean haha), and just get colder on others, like the hands.

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4. Your body denunciates you, your cheeks be blushing, your iris get bigger, your skin gets brigther.

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5. You wanna see this one person, even when you usually wouldn't want to see anybody else, like when you have a headache or are going to the supermarket. There's a lot of things we normally do by ourselves, and then you just catch yourself thinking "I wish she/he was here", because you know you'd certainlly be smilling or laughing about something together.

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6. You need physical touch. Just be close ain't close enough if you aren't in touch. Your brain memorizes this person's texture and perfume, even if it's just holding on their arms as they're driving, or laying in their chest as watching TV. Or holding hands under the table.

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7. The things the person likes, becomes suddenly really cool and interesting, even if you don't have the same musical taste, you'd hear that song they sent you just because they said they like it, or watch this person's favorite movie with them, hear they chatty about it and will want to show things you like too.

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8. And at last but not less important, you don't care about anyone around, you don't care if your friends realize you're in love, you wanna talk about it. You don't care if people think it is stupid, or wrong, you just wanna be right there, and the urge you used to have to be somewhere else, just desappears...

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Thank you by reading, byebye