¡¡Hi guys!! I'm back! today. In this article I will meet this new challenge, and ¡I hope that you do too this challenge!


piercing, jewelry, and earrings image aesthetic, black, and blogger image necklace, stars, and style image fashion, girl, and style image
I don't think I have a specific aesthetic, I lovee small jewelry too much and with respect to my clothes I always like to be comfortable for any occasion.


cartoon, 90s, and powerpuff girls image vans, shoes, and rose image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
I usually use tennis however on special occasions I wear heels, I don't have preferences but ¡¡I love vans!! I 24/7 use white tennis.


paint, art, and aesthetic image blue, colors, and green image girl and yellow image Temporarily removed
It should be noted that I love the color of rosewood and yellow.


dog, animal, and puppy image Temporarily removed lion, animal, and nature image Temporarily removed
I love animals with my life, I love them all, but if I had to choose my favorites, they would be dogs, wolves, lions and grizzly bears,lately I have an obsession with black animals too.

I like this category :)

Image by iarahammoud grease and John Travolta image disney, lion king, and timon image blonde and white chicks image
I have repeated these movies a thousand times and I never get tired of watching them, these are Mean girls, Grease, White chicks and The lion king my favorite since I was little.

¡Oh yesss!

food, pizza, and cheese image girl, donuts, and tumblr image food, fries, and McDonalds image Temporarily removed
One of my favorite things is to eat, I really like pizza, donuts, mcdonals chips and I love chocolate so muuuuuch!

TV Shows:

the vampire diaries, tvd, and Nina Dobrev image pll, pretty little liars, and alison image kathryn newton image adorable, beautiful, and chic image Image removed childhood, disney, and funny image
I really have enough series, but these are my favorites: The vampire diaries, Pll, The Society, The originals, also Hanna Montana and WP.


martin garrix and dua lipa image 2000s, ashley tisdale, and childhood image 2000s, 2007, and 40s image black, black&white, and music image
I like electronic music like Martin Garrix, pop, Ryan and Sharpay`s songs including all of Disney in general, 50s music and instrumental piano music.

And to end, Passions:

Temporarily removed coffee, drawing, and art image aesthetic, alternative, and beach image travel, sky, and airplane image
My passions are, read, draw, take pictures, and travel.

I hope you liked this challenge, see you in another article. :)