here are some albums by many artists from many different decades and genres. i'll include some captions explaining the type of music and other artists like them!

the doors - the doors (1967)

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this is very calming music, because it could be considered as psychedelic rock. there are two songs on this album that are considered two of their biggest hits, "light my fire" and "break on through to the other side".

the beatles (white album) - the beatles (1968)

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this album features two popular beatles songs, "back in the ussr" and "ob-la-di ob-la-da" which is guaranteed to leave you in a cheerful mood :)

who's next - the who (1971)

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if you like classic rock ad bands like the rolling stones, the who is for you! a classic song by them on this album is "baba o' riley".

queen ii - queen (1974)

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if you've heard the popular queen song "seven seas of rhye" (which is featured on this album) you'll love this! it is separated by a white a side and black b side (like light and dark songs). most of the songs tell a story and leave you dreaming.

ramones - ramones (1976)

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this is classic punk rock. if you like head bangers, this is the way to go. it features their popular song "blitzkrieg bop" (ay-oh-lets go!).

talking heads 77 - the talking heads (1977)

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this album rocks. it is also some new wave punk that really means for a good jam. their most popular song is found on this album "psycho killer".

the game - queen (1980)

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this is queen's most rock based album. it features their biggest hit "another one bites the dust" and their other hit "crazy little thing called love". it has a track i particularly like called "dragon attack", which has a great bass line.

too fast for love - motley crue (1981)

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if you like hard rock and a little bit of metal influence, this is the band for you. they are very glam rock, and this album features their hit "live wire".

the works - queen (1984) (sorry i love queen lmao)

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this album is a must. it's full of classics, like "hammer to fall", "i want to break free", "radio gaga", and "it's a hard life". every song is different but works so well together. listen to it if you want a nice mix of pump up songs and thoughtful songs.

smells like teen spirit - nirvana (1991)

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this is classic 90s grunge. nirvana is a must have, especially since their hits "smells like teen spirit" and "come as you are" are on this album. there is also a really good song called "polly" that should be more appreciated.

elephant - the white stripes (2003)

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this is also classic grunge. this album features two of their hits "seven nation army" (this song has a killer bass line) and "the hardest button to button".

thank u, next - ariana grande (2018)

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this album is a must have. it's full of bops and it is honestly the best pop album in my opinion.

locals only - tiny meat gang (2018)

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cody and noel are technically youtubers, but their music slaps. if you enjoy rap (with a tinge of comedy) then this is for you.

i hope you enjoyed my recommendations! they are a bit random in some places, but boy these albums are necessities!

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