Got this idea from a dream, enjoy!

Genre? a bit smutty, Supernatural, Slightly Comedic, Angst, Drama, Victorian.

Rating? 18+

Word Count? 1,067

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Chapter 1 {Unknown Death’s}
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Faith had been part of a royal family, being the eldest her parents arranged a meeting with the man she would marry, though she didn’t like the fact she must marry she had no choice. This man was known as Vincent, a rather popular royal, though popular for the wrong reason her parents thought he was best option.

She had gotten herself ready, wearing a rather formal Victorian gown with her hair done up and she had to wear jewelry, she was told to be obedient and only speak when spoken to. She was put in all this to make a good impression, for a man she didn’t find trustworthy yet she couldn’t complain.

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When they had made it to the kingdom, she was quite caught off guard by the gothic appearance of the castle, her unsure feeling had only grown, and as the carriage halted she stepped out carefully. She had the help of a servant from the manor, who seemed a tad worried and soon this maid rushed to the door and opened it for her family.

“Madam Faith, Sir Vincent must see you and your family at once.”

With those words, the female was soon gone, as if she hadn’t been there to begin with, before her or her parents could answer. She then allowed her parents to guide her to the study it seemed, the male’s study no doubt.

Once there, her father pushed those doors blocking their way open, and soon the prince appeared in view, seated at his desk as if he was waiting for them. His eyes had landed on Faith first, causing his curiosity to peek and he stood, to welcome the three.

“Ah, welcome you two, and an especial welcome to you, my princess.”

Vincent had stood up, heading over to his soon to be wife, kneeling down to and taking her dainty, soft, warm, hand into his more rough hand, placing his lips upon the back of her hand. Though all Faith would do is give a smile and curtsy, to show curtesy towards the prince before her, already flirting.
Meanwhile, in the dungeon of the castle, the cold— dark dungeon, in a cell there was a man, a man with dark blue skin, and hair of a much lighter blue, as well as being long. His hair currently had been up in a ponytail and he was laid upon the bed which was in this cold cell, yet he seemed un-phased.

The maid that Faith vaguely met soon emerged from the shadows of the dungeon, soon in front of his cell, wrapping her fingers are the metal bars, a cold feeling making it’s way throughout her hands and she sighed to herself. A better look at her she had ginger hair, lightly tanned skin, with quite a few faded freckles and she looked towards this strange looking man, as if she knew him.

“A princess has just entered the castle, Hades... what will you do about this?”

The rather attractive man known as hades opened his eyes, which had been crimson red and he turned his attention to the maid, sighing to himself as he sat up, laying his hands on his knee. He was the god known for ruling the underworld but he was in a predicament it seemed, as he had been locked away, yet he didn’t seem to care for his old job.

“You know what you have to do... Elizabeth, don’t mess this up.”

With that the girl had given a nod and left the man to rot in his cell, if it had been possible for him to rot, though this prince wouldn’t lock him up if he could rot away, this was considered a punishment. Soon enough Hades had pushed himself off the rather uncomfortable bed and he looked out through the metal towards the outside world, trying to find a way out of this punishment.
The prince had been explaining the incidents which have been happening at his castle, people had been dying suddenly that have visited him, right in the castle even. This had frightened Faith in the slightest, it was confusing to think about and it didn’t really make since, soon enough she stood up as she had been sitting.

“May I go explore? Sorry to ask... I just would like to move my legs a bit.”

She had finally spoken up, going against her parents orders though the prince didn’t seem to mind much, so he allowed her to leave. She would curtsy to thank the male then leave him to talk with her parents, in silence.

Elizabeth had found her it seemed and the girl seemed to startle Faith in the slightest, though she soon noticed it was the maid. She placed her hand upon her chest and she would exhale and inhale.

“Hello again... I didn’t catch your name.”
“Elizabeth, come with me please as I’ll show you to your room.”

Faith didn’t think much of it and followed the female with no problems, her heels clicking against the floor with each of her steps as she followed the maid known as Elizabeth. After some time they seemed to slow and soon Faith was in front of a large door, and before she could ask Elizabeth about it, the door was open and someone had pushed her into the area, causing her to fall and catch herself by her hands.

When she turned her head towards the door, it was already shut and this had caused her to freak in the slightest, unsure what had happened she stood to her feet and rushed to the door, seeing if it’d open. No matter how hard she would push or pull, it was no use though soon she could hear a faint voice calling for her, the faint voice of a male and she turned on her heels, heading towards a door in this area with no hesitation.

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Darkness seemed to engulf the white room, candles lighting her way as she spotted the silhouette of a hand, a hand of a man no doubt and as if her body wouldn’t listen to her, she’d reach for the hand, though before she could touch it. She had fallen to the floor, having blacked out, and all the lights came on while soon enough, a man would tower over her fragile body, as if she was lifeless.