hello! i know i've been posting a lot of articles recently, but i've had so many article ideas that i just can't wait to write them all out.

in this article i'll be listing 10 interesting questions that you can google if you're bored. some of these questions are questions that i've had myself, while others are questions that i've seen online.

hopefully, you'll find answers for most of them. happy exploring!

1. is there a part of your body that doesn't feel pain?

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2. why does all trash seem to smell the same?

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i never expected weheartit to have pictures of trash lmao

3. should we rely on emotions or logic more?

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4. how did women in the past deal with their periods?

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thinking about this question makes me really grateful that we live in an era with menstrual products.

5. where will evolution lead us?

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6. should schools be required to teach self-defense?

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7. how did cats and dogs become domesticated?

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8. is beauty subjective or objective?

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i tried googling this myself and the answers that i got were mostly different from one another. it's still an interesting question, though.

9. how exactly does deja vu work?

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i've experienced it a couple of times but i always forget the feeling.

10. where did the origin of ghosts come from?

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i'm sort of skeptical about the existence of ghosts, but since so many people believe in them then it's probably worth looking into.

thanks for reading!
i hope that looking up answers for these questions was somewhat enjoyable for you. i also want to apologize for the pictures being really random and sort of weird, even if they're just there to make the article more interesting.

anyways, that's all for this article. please drop a heart if you'd like!

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